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Reflections of a Lost Romeo
America Is Still Great...

Let the colors of freedom shine...

There is no one above the age of comprehension that does not know of the events that took place on Sept.11, 2001. Our beautiful and free country became the victim of cowardly attacks and many lost their lives on what was supposed to be just another day.
My heart goes out to the families of those who died and those injured. It goes out to all Americans who like myself are in shock over this happening to our great country.
I am proud to be an American, proud of our country, proud of the way we have all banded together during this time. The TV shows extensive footage of rescue attempts and clean up efforts- these are real people helping to rebuild, comfort, console, and restore what was so brutally attempted to be taken away from us. The people we see on TV are the true stars though we do not know their names. They are the ones we should admire and keep in our prayers, because right now, even if only for a small moment, they are the stars on our televisions. It is people like them that make this country great, they touch my heart, they deserve our prayers and thanks. It is because of people like them that we are able to retain our freedom, able to proudly proclaim, "I am and American" and have it mean something.
America is by far the strongest country on the planet and in being so, we were lulled into believing that no one would harm us. We were wrong, we trusted, relaxed security, and got hurt. It's like any other part of life yet, just as in other areas of life, we cannot give up and close our hearts. We need to tighten up security in the appropriate places and do what is right to insure that freedom will always ring in America. We as individuals need to take a look around at all that we have taken for granted and gain appreciation for it. We cannot let these attacks stifle what is great within each of us. Let us strive to regain our appreciation for our country rather than take it for granted ever again.
The attacks brought great sorrow but a message and I hope we never forget it. America is great but she needs her people to love her as the ancestors did. As she has taken care of us, we need to take care of her. As she has shared her beauty with us, we must give her our every effort to protect her once again and never let that fail.

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