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Reflections of a Lost Romeo

Poetry from Romeo's broken heart

Why do you torture me so?
What is it about you that wont let me let go?
You knew every line as if written in a script,
Said them to me, and my hearts beat skipped.
It wasnt really me you were after,
Just an easy life with plenty of laughter.
You took a clown who was happy and carefree,
Tore her apart, turned her into the mess that is now me.
Robbed of all that was once so important,
Every part of me is gone, my life is now spent.
The music wont play,
The colors went away
Life is as empty as it could ever get,
Its merciless, a different kind of battle, even yet.
I go from day to day, each is the same after awhile.
Dying inside, it hurts even to smile.
My hair has grown out, its now long with a lot of gray.
Nothing means anything since you took your love away.
I dont want to live-
Whats the point when Ive nothing but tears to give?
My anxiety is long gone,
Replaced by a sadness that keeps going on and on
Night after night in my silent home all alone,
I think of us and how our love should have grown.
At times, Im downright pissed off at you-
Youve turned it into being all my fault but it takes two.
We would have been thru this and all would be alright,
But you had to prove your point and stay out all night.
I had no idea, what to do, think, or say
Never before had anyone disregarded me in that way.
I had been struck by anxiety
when I began to feel that you no longer cared for me
What would it have hurt for you to have assured me of your love?
Ive asked myself over and over, heart breaks anew each time and yet youre all I can think of.

Written Sept.25,2001