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Reflections of a Lost Romeo

My Butterfly

You fly teasingly over my head, sharing your beauty, your world of wonder
I reach to touch you- you light on my hand but only for a moment and like the butterfly, you are gone.
Your beauty was mine only to share, not to keep as in confinement,
Holding you when you needed to fly was my mistake and now the butterflies remind me.
The promise of beauty with freedom and joy is what the butterflies bring me, is what you tried to share with me, but I in my blindness couldn't see that it was only mine to admire and appreciate.
The colors flash as they bask in the sunlight, they are at their glory as they fly,
I have learned much from the butterflies about life, and you and I.
In swarms, the butterflies forgive my mistake as they dance around my head in flight,
They tell me that I will once again hold you in my arms some night.
Then they fly away and take my pain with them,
leaving me to ponder their message and smile as I think of Mi Mariposa, my butterfly.

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